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Brush Pickup


The City of La Grange, Kentucky Public Works Department picks up brush and limbs in designated areas of the City on each Monday of every month. Gleneagles Estates is located in zone 4 and our pickup is on the fourth Monday of the month . This service is provided to aid property owners in the upkeep of their property, not for professional lawn care or tree trimming services. The individuals or companies who provide these services are responsible for the clean up of brush and limbs.

They cannot accept boards, wire, posts or limbs having any foreign objects that may cause personal injury or damage to the equipment. No root balls or limbs larger than (3) three inches in diameter can be chipped.  Unacceptable items will be left for disposal by the homeowner.
Limbs may be any length, however butt side branches are difficult or impossible to feed into the chipper and must be removed.
All butt ends or cut ends (big ends) shall be stacked in the same direction... neat piles in one direction only.
It is the responsibility of any professional tree service or service contractor hired by a homeowner, to chip and remove the limbs and/or brush.


For further information call:
Public Works Department: 502-222-8954
City Hall: 502-222-1433

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